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Ken Hopkins

25 Random Things


1. I am the youngest of 6 kids, and the youngest of 11 grand kids.
2. For as long as I can remember I have eaten either an apple or some peanut butter almost every day.
3. My very first car was a 1964 Ford Falcon. It used to be my grandmothers.
4. It took me a very long time find out why some types of homemade salsa tasted like soap. The people
said, Cilantro.  I googled and found out I wasn't the only one
5. I was born in Shoshone County Hospital and the doctor who delivered me was named Dr. Bonebreak.
6. One of the most sobering moments in my life was visiting the Vietnam Memorial and seeing a family trace over the name of a fallen loved one.
7. The week I was born my parents got a little white cat and named him Snowflake. He lived until I was 16.
8. My current electronic addiction is Twitter. Follow me at
9. In chronological order my known nicknames have been, Froggy, Little H Bomb, Hopsing, Hoppy, Hopper, Kenny, Kenho, Kent and sometimes, Jerry.
10. As a kid, I was always picked to be the narrator for all the plays at Church.
11. I carried the Olympic Torch for a leg when it came through Spokane on the way to the Salt Lake Winter Olympics in 2000.
12. My Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great uncle signed the Declaration of Independence. Look for the shaky signature of Stephen Hopkins. He was a Lawyer and reportedly liked to drink.
13. Rarely a day goes by that I don't wonder how I ended up with my wonderful wife, and we often look at our kids and say "how did all this happen?".
14. I have broken the same arm twice. First when I was 8 trying to jump a tennis net and then when I was 16 doing what my P.E. teacher called "horse play".
15. I was once a suspect in a robbery. Police pulled my car over, drew guns, and made me walk backwards to them with my hands on my head. When I got there I said, "I'm not the guy who robbed the 7-11, but I saw the guy who did!".
16. I rarely read books, but I just started one called "The Shack".
17. I knew I wanted to be in radio when I was in the 5th grade.
18. When I started 9th grade I was the shortest boy in the entire high school at 5'2".  In the 9th grade my future wife was 5'9'. It wouldn't have worked then.
19. First and last time I ever smoked a cigarette was when I was 7. It was with John and Bobby in John's garage when his parents were gone.
20. When I was a toddler I reached up to the dining room table and tipped a tub of honey down over my head. They were afraid I would suffocate and my mom rushed me to the tub.
21. When a basketball tournament was being held at my high school, I unknowingly walked into the boys' locker room to use the bathroom to the shrieks of a visiting girls' team using the showers. It was an embarrassing walk back into the gym.
22. I sold books door-to-door one summer in Corpus Cristi, Texas. It was the hardest and loneliest summer of my life. I would never do it again but I'm glad I did it.
23. The last time I skinny-dipped was in college. A group of us snuck into the pool after hours. By the end of the night all the boys were naked. None of the girls were.
24. When I was 11 my dad told me he would like one of his sons to go into the ministry. I told him I didn't think that was going to happen.
25. I know I'm aging when I spend too much time looking back instead of looking forward and that scares me sometimes.